YC Leaders

YC Leaders


  Helen & Brian have been working full-time with CEF in Sligo since 2012.  They have a combined 60+ years of experience of working with youth and children and still find it a rewarding activity !  They have appreciated the help of so many youth leaders over the last number of years and look forward to working with Youth Challenge groups over the next year.

My name is Lexie! I'm married to Cody who's also a youth leader for Youth Challenge.  I was born in Canada but have lived most of my life in Los Angeles, California where Cody and I met serving in the youth department at our church. I've had a lot of different jobs (corporate marketing, flight attendant, nannying, secretary) but by far my favourite has been my time working in youth ministry.

Cody and I are now living in Collooney working with a missions organisation called OM in partnership with Collooney Methodist Church.  Some favourite hobbies of mine are photography, music, theatre and exploring new places!

  Hello, my name is Cody.  I'm 31 years old and I am married to my much better half Lexie who is also one of the leaders of youth challenge.
We both live in Collooney and are currently here in Ireland working with Operation Mobilisation. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in the US. During my time there I have worked with youth for over 11 years as a Youth Pastor, Youth Leader, Camp Counsellor, and Young Adult/University Leader. I was also a musician/audio engineer, video engineer, and live production person (basically just anything to do with live events and concerts) by trade. I love music, the beach/ocean, surfing, skateboarding, photography, and pretty much anything artistic! I am very excited to work with the youth here in Sligo!
Claudio Barguena

 Claudio is married to Laura, and works full-time for Youth for Christ in Sligo.

Hello! My name is Kyla, I’m 23, and I was born and raised in Tennessee in the US along with my 9 siblings. Before coming to Ireland I worked in a children’s daycare for two years and absolutely adored it. I’ve been in Ireland since January of 2021, I moved here to work with a missions organization called Operation Mobilisation wherein I have been partnered to help as an intern for CEF Sligo!

Some of my favorite hobbies include painting/drawing, reading, journaling, and driving in beautiful places :)

Rosemonde Adamson

 Rosemonde lives in Co. Mayo and serves the local church there.