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Doorstep Good News Club (GNC)  Doorstep Demo


The 'short' version:

  • Starts mid-October
  • Register here before mid-October for your child or children to participate.
  • During the 6-week period have your child watch the video and fill out the activity sheet.  Have a doorstep visit (5-10 minutes) from a volunteer leader each week at a prearranged time - receiving new activity sheet and reward tokens.
  • At the end of the 6 weeks receive a prize from Helen and Brian's Prize Van according to the reward tokens gained.
  • There's no cost to the family - CEF Sligo receives donations for ministry to help children and youth grow in their faith. 
  • Another block of 6 weeks at the start of the New Year.


The 'longer' version:

With the Covid-19 requirement to social distance and reduce instances of social contact it is not possible to have normal Good News Clubs in this season.  We are sad that these opportunities for fun and teaching are not possible but we have designed an alternative called "Doorstep GNC".  We hope that those children who participate will benefit from the biblical teaching and the visits to their doorsteps !

There are two elements in the Doorstep GNC; A video to watch, and a short doorstep visit.  The video to watch will include some of the features of a Good News Club - although to keep its length to approximately 30 minutes it will not have all of the elements each week.  The main features will be a Bible lesson, worship songs, and occasionally a Bible verse to memorise.  There is an activity sheet to be completed that relates to that week's video.  The doorstep visit will take place after the video has been watched, and the week's activity sheet has been completed.

When you register your child, or children, for Doorstep GNC you will be contacted in advance of the start of the 6-week period to work out a suitable day and time for doorstep visits.  For some families it may not be possible to have a doorstep visit - that's no problem.  The children of this family can still receive activity sheets and reward tokens in one of the following ways : drop-offf through the letter box, or via post, or via e-mail if the family has the facility to print the activity sheets.  Even the prizes can be disseminated with zero contact by using selection from a prize catalogue, and prize drop-off to the door.  Each family participating will receive a plastic folder (ie. waterproof) that can be left outside your premises for the safe exchange of Activity Sheets when you are not available to have an actual doorstep visit.  This could be helpful on an occasion where you are unexpectedly called away from your home and still wish to receive the sheets for the next week and the reward tokens for the completed sheets.

The other aspect of the doorstep visit is that is should be conducted where possible in a socially distanced manner.  However, in the unlikely event, even extremely unlikely event, of wet or cold weather the family can decide how the visit should be conducted.  For some families, wishing to maintain the consistency of visits for the sake of their children, it may be appropriate to arrange for the volunteer to enter their home and conduct the visit there.  For other families where the need to preserve social distancing is paramount the facility to exchange Activity sheets, and receive reward tokens, through the weather proof plastic folder will be convenient.

Who will the doorstep visitor be ?  We are recruiting volunteers through the local churches in Sligo.  Each Doorstep GNC volunteer will comply with CEF Ireland's child protection policy, and will be Garda-Vetted through CEF.  It is important that whenever possible the visitor assigned to a family is known by the family and trusted.  Ideally a family that is connected with a local church would be assigned a Doorstep Volunteer from the same church.  This may not always be possible and will depend on the availability of volunteers.  The household participating in the Doorstep GNC may not have a church affiliation and in this case a suitable volunteer will be assigned.

When a family registers for Doorstep GNC phone and e-mail contact details will be provided.  This will allow for initial contact to arrange a suitable schedule for Doorstep visits.  It is planned to start Doorstep GNC on Saturday 10th October.  The first Doorstep video will be made available late on Saturday night for viewing at the household's convenience at any stage from Sunday 11th October through to Saturday 17th October.  The video will be available to watch via the website, although it will be hosted on Youtube as an unlisted video.  This means that the video is not made available for public viewing - it can only be watched by those who have the link to the video.  The link will be on our website, but for your convenience will also be e-mailed to you each week upon release.

The first true Doorstep Visit for this family will be arranged to occur at the family and volunteer's convenience following the viewing of the video, and completion of the Activity sheets.  There will be one visit to drop off the required Doorstep materials prior to the first true visit.  The materials to be supplied are the boxes for reward tokens, folder to house the sheets, and first Activity sheet that relates to the first video.  Well done if you have read as far as this - you really should get a bonus token !

When the 6-week block has ended you will be contacted by Helen and Brian to work out a suitable way of delivering the small rewards !

We will not have Doorstep GNC visits in December or January but we hope to make available 5 or 6 videos of a missionary lesson based on the life of Dr. Helen Roseveare as a bedtime story.  The links will be made available via e-mail but viewing of the videos is optional.  For those families that would like to teach their children about giving to support missionaries during this period we are suggesting that an option will be to save a small amount of pocket money each week in the 'token' boxes/coin globes.  The money saved would be collected from the boxes by the Doorstep visitor when the next 6-week block of visits begins in February 2021.

Hope this makes sense - Please contact usif you would like to read the 'even longer' version !