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CEF is a non-denominational Christian organisation that exists to promote Biblical teaching, and in particular the sharing of the Biblical “Good News” which is the gospel, with children and youth.  This is performed directly through programmes such as Good News Club, Youth Challenge, Summer Camps, and Holiday Bible Clubs, and also in schools through Bible classes and assemblies, and indirectly by supporting the work of churches and other Christian organisations.  CEF in each area depends on the support of many local volunteers, and a committee to co-ordinate their efforts.  CEF has four primary functions: Evangelism – sharing the gospel, Edification – building up children and youth in their faith, Establishment – promoting the connection of the young person to their church, and Equipping – providing support and training for local churches to work with children. 

The local CEF workers in the Sligo area are Brian & Helen Donaghy.

You can contact them by text, e-mail or post as follows:

Helen : 087 950 1443

Brian : 087 271 2286

Landline : 071 915 4642


E-Mail : info (and then the @ symbol)

Address : Grange East, Knocknarea, Co. Sligo