Camp Wednesdays

Camp Wednesdays


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What are Camp Wednesdays ?

This summer we are missing out on the fun and fellowship of camp at Oceanview Camp Centre, Rossnowlagh.  Here on this website we are going to have some "camp experience" videos.  Ok - so it's not really going to be like camp !  You will have to provide your own tuck shop and lack of sleep !  The videos for Juniors Camp (ages 8-11 approximately) and Inters Camp (12-14 years approximately) are here on this website but have password protection.  You will receive the password when you register.  Those who register will (optionally) receive some Bible study notes in the post, and some other materials for activities.  Registration also serves to provide permission (optionally) for submissions from campers to the website - eg. answers to competition questions, or photos of your own home artworks etc.

Registration is free and as parent/guardian you can choose what level of interaction you want for your household by checking or un-checking the permission checkboxes.

Although these videos will be available through all of July - there are time limits for competition responses (the Friday night following that specific Wednesday's videos)