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Oct 2021


Welcome to our 2021 Autumn/Winter season of CEF Sligo activities !

Youth Challenge events are proceeding well with a series of 4 outdoor activities and BBQ's having been conducted over September and October. The next event is an overnight stay at Oceanview for our Youth Challenge in conjunction with Autumn Soul.

Helen is in charge of registration and numbers are limited so please get in touch as soon as you can.

To keep you in the loop about upcoming events please use the permission form (PDF) below to register your youth to be involved, and to provide your contact information for event updates. 

The 2021-2022 Youth challenge calendar is below - click to enlarge.


The Permission Form is here


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Youth Challenge is starting back up again.  To find out more about Youth Challenge you can go to the Youth Challenge menu or click here.  

For the Autumn Soul weekend starting on 29th October text Helen to book your place, and use the permission form to give consent

for participation and mobile notifications here.


Common sense will apply when considering Covid-19 and keeping others as safe as possible


To read our simple Covid-19 Policy click here






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