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Planned Small Groups

Group NameMeeting DayName 1Name 2Name 3Name 4Name 5Name 6
Strandhill/Ransboro ishThursdayJack DonaghyBenjamin mooneyEzema Ezema...
Greater Sligo AreaSaturdayEmily SherlockAmy CarterSiobra O'Callaghan...
Sligo Area 1Tuesday......
Sligo Area Overflow**Not Decided**......
Collooney/Coolaney/Riverstown 1Monday......
Co/Co/Ri Overflow**Not Decided**......

For small groups to work effectively there are a few points to keep in mind:
To book your slot in a small group please enter your name and select a group then click on "submit"
The suggested groups are based on psuedo-geographical locations ! and day/times when meetups can be arranged. You can assume that small group meetups will be every second week at the most frequent, and may not be as frequent as this !
Please also provide the means of contact (email,sms) so that meetings can be arranged.
Entering your name in a small group implies consent to be contacted by the means provided in your submission.
If you made a mistake just send a message on the Contacts page and we will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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Small Group Selection:
Strandhill/Ransboro (Thursdays)
Greater Sligo Area (Saturdays)
Sligo Area 1 (Tuesdays)
Sligo Area 2 (Overflow)
Collooney/Coolaney/Riverstown (Mondays)
Collooney/Coolaney/Riverstown (Overflow)

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